About Boston Packaging

Prior to Boston Packaging, I worked in the design & printing industry. It was during this time that I took notice of all the boring and poorly constructed packaging that was being used in the marketplace. Many businesses were neglecting their packaging. Businesses were spending lots of dollars on print and seemed to be treating packaging as a necessary evil. I knew that packaging, when done right, would move product and services. Yes, even the service industry can benefit from packaging. I brought the same passion I had for design and print to the packaging industry. Here at Boston Packaging, we focus first on who you are and what your need is. Then we help you choose packaging that is functional, good looking, and brand building.

We also pay close attention to waste management. We encourage our customers to use recycled products and materials when ever possible. Materials that are simply better for our planet and the environment. Whether you're a manufacturer, retail operation, designer, or small start up, we would be honored to help with your packaging needs. Give us a call and let's grow our businesses together.

Steve McDonnell